© Male House Sparrow

3.5" x 5.5" Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas is Sold.

Limited Edition Giclée Print Available. Details Below.

© Female House Sparrow

4" x 5" Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas is Sold.

Limited Edition Giclée Print Available. Details Above.

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Male House Sparrow Giclée


Female House Sparrow Giclée



Giclée Watercolour Paper Edition


Edition Size: 500 Signed & Numbered

50 Artist Proofs

25 Conservation Proofs

25 Publisher Proofs

Comes with Non Glare Glass, Standard.

Frame style may vary upon availability.


Framed $99.00



What is Giclée?

The Art of Michael Pape - Erich your life with the beauty and significance of animals.

Enrich Your Life with the Beauty & Significance of Animals.

About Michael Pape Giclée Limited Edition Prints

Giclée (Gee-Clay)

Giclée is a state of the art digital technology that has made it possible to create a fine art print that is extremely difficult to distinguish from the original painting or drawing. Giclées are available on archival acid free watercolour paper and or canvas. Michael Pape Giclées use pigment longevity inks and have a lifetime warranty. Each limited edition giclée is numbered and hand-signed by the artist. Read More

Giclée - Artist Proof Edition is a signed and numbered limited edition. An Artist Proof is the process of the artist manually matching the original painting colour to the limited edition giclée print colour. For example the pupil of an animals eye may be slightly darker on one Artist Proof than another. Each Artist Proof is slightly different in colour. An original if you will. Many artists charge a 20% premium because of this. Artist Proof Editions are usually limited to 10% (20 prints) of the Regular Edition (200 prints) for example. They are the most sought after limited edition by collectors.

Giclée - Regular Edition is a regular signed and numbered limited edition, based off the artist proof. 

Giclée - Conservation / Publisher Proof Edition are what charities offer for Fundraising.

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